Negarn is a small farm nicely situated in the valley of Gronfjelldalen (the Green mountain valley) approx. 45 km north of Mo i Rana. Just a short step from the Arctic Circle and the midnight sun, it is a nice explorative detour 15 km from the main road E6.

The road goes through a luxuriant green landscape, entering through a narrow part with a wild river on one side and steep wooded hillsides on the other and with sudden turns and hills. The landscape soon opens up to a peaceful cultivated land with scattered farms and houses, and when you reach the courtyard at Negarn you have climbed 330 meters above sea level.
Negarn is placed pretty close to the tree line, surrounded by a rolling landscape and a beautiful birch wood to rest your eyes upon.

About Negarn

The first known farmers settled here in 1715 but found it to be “too high up in the mountain to make a decent living” so they left after 5 years. Negarn has however, despite the old postulate, now been a dairy farm for the last 6 generations – since 1836.

We are a family of 3 – Heidi, Ole and Axel. We have cattle in the stall during wintertime but when the summer comes they are living the good life under the blue sky for 3 months. We also have hens on the farm and you are welcome to join us when collecting the daily production of eggs.

We have much room and housing at our disposal, and a wish for more activity and life in the courtyard led to our decision to rent out a detached, two-storeyed flat in the main house.

The flat is totally renovated and parts of the house has been brought back to its original touch. The flat is kept in a style from the old days and where possible we have brought back the original timber walls. The rooms are furnished with a mix of old and new but with modern facilities in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

On the attic hall you may withdraw to contemplate or just bring a book for reading. Two doors lead respectively to the North room and the South room and through them further on to the Red chamber and the Peder chamber.

If you get the feeling that some of the spirit of the old house still remains, then we have achieved what we wanted.

Flat / Prices / Season

The flat is part of the main house but with a separate entrance and its own garden. It contains a large sitting room, kitchen, bathroom with floor heating, shower and toilet and on the attic 4 bedrooms with 7 beds. Extra beds can be added if necessary.

The price includes bedclothes, towels and cleaning, and you have the whole flat at your disposal. You wash the dishes before you leave, and keep the rooms tidy.

Our prices this summer are: 495,- NOK pr person. (An extra bed costs 150,- NOK, and it is possible with maximum 2 extra beds.)

The kitchen is equipped with what you need for cooking such as a fridge, an electric cooker, and a toaster.

The season lasts from the cuckoo calls that the spring has arrived until the leaves start to turn yellow. This means mainly from beginning of June until end of August but do not hesitate to take contact if your plans do not fit exactly with these dates.


Give Heidi a ring: +47 954 77 570

Or send an email: h-stuvla@online.no

Hiking possibilities and sightseeing proposals

The surroundings invite to bicycling, walking and hiking. The road continues from Negarn to the lake Kaldvatnet – an area much used by the locals for fishing and hunting as well as for mushrooming and berry picking.

You will need a licence for fishing and hunting, see www.statsskog.no/en

For salmon and trout fishing, see: www.ranaelva.no

The glacier Svartisen, the second largest glacier in Norway covering 370 square km, can be visited on a daytrip from Negarn. www.svartiskongensrike.no

In the same area several caves can be explored: Setergrotta (www.setergrotta.no/ipub ) and Gronligrotta (www.gronligrotta.no)